Golden Gate Developments

Medium-size multiunit developments are springing up across Golden Gate, mainly in the Lowell and San Pablo corridors. Most are being built without public input because the nearest neighbors did not receive/see the official notice mailed to them by the City or view the yellow notice for a 17-day public comment period that gets posted on the property.

GGCA will post information on them here and invite the developers to meet with the community to discuss to their projects, their impacts on neighbors, and their contributions to the neighborhood called community benefits.

Please help us critique these projects.  We get only one shot at public input.

5630 San Pablo Avenue

This modern-style development next to the 100-year old library will be a five-story, 15-unit residential property with retail space and 10 off-street parking spots on the first floor. Please review the attached design plans and bring your concerns and requests for design changes to the presentation by the developer, Ed Hemmat.

Tuesday, February 26, 6:30 pm
Charles Porter Golden Gate Recreation Center
1075 62nd Street

Hosted by the Golden Gate Library and GGCA in collaboration with the Oakland City Planner Mo Hackett.

View the plans