OakDOT Rolls Out Public Safety Projects in the Santa Fe School Zone

When Glenview Elementary began its three-year lease of the vacant Santa Fe school last year and opened enrollment to local students, GGCA joined Santa Fe CAN and the Longfellow Community Association (LCA) to plan and facilitate the City’s first public safety upgrades to that school zone in 20 years.

In March 2017, the Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) began implementing the associations’ recommended safety measures:

  • School site: New signage and striping for school bus and car parking. (Completed)
  • Adeline at 56th St.:Crosswalk with yield lines and signs. (April/May)
  • Market at 54th St.: New crosswalks and Keep Clear stencils before the intersection. (April/May)
  • Market at 53rd St.: Shortened pedestrian crossing across Market. (Summer)
  • Adeline at 54th St.: Pedestrian buffer zone, new crosswalk with wheelchair access. (Summer)
  • Adeline between 61st St. and Market: New crosswalk (location & date TBD)
  • Lowell St.: Traffic flow and truck parking restrictions (TBD based on 2018 repaving schedule)

In addition, OakDOT proposes using a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to enhance the above measures. CDBG is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program for funding affordable housing, social services, and infrastructure development in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods. OakDOT’s proposal is based public input identifying school-zone safety as a top CDBG priority. This proposal will likely get approved by June 2017.

Proposed installations:
  • Planters to provide visual cues for drivers, intersection vibrancy, and interest for school children.
  • Painted safety zones to slow down turning vehicles and increase visibility between vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Flexible delineator posts to demarcate the painted safety zones for vehicle drivers.
Locations and FY 2018-2019 implementation:
  • Adeline between 61st and Market
  • Adeline at 54th St.
  • Adeline at 53rd St. and Lowell
Proposed: Self-watering reservoir planters like these.
Proposed: Self-watering reservoir planters like these.
Proposed: Painted safety zones with flexible delineator posts.
Proposed: Painted safety zones with flexible delineator posts.