Board Members

Sylvia Young

Sylvia is GGCA’s Coordinator for Special Projects including website development and community events. She’s a third-generation Golden Gater who is a realtor, writer, and actress.

Cathy Leonard

Cathy is a leading advocate for public safety, police accountability, public policy, and neighborhood planning. Her consulting group, Oakland Neighborhoods for Equity (ONE), works with organizations throughout the City. 

Kim Lucas

Kim is a research scientist and epidemiologist for California Correctional Health Care Services. She’s GGCA’s environmental health expert. 

Scott Owades

Scott is a sustainable transportation and affordable housing advocate on the local and state level. He’s GGCA transportation safety, membership, and campaign lead.

Technical Support

Angela Gennino

Angela is GGCA’s content strategist and developer. She built this website (our first!) in March 2014-February 2015 and continues to help manage it and our digital membership assets in her spare time.