The San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project Launches Phase II

Updated December ‘21

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) has launched Phase 2 of a project to make San Pablo Avenue a safer and better-functioning transportation corridor, from Downtown Oakland all the way to Richmond. The project’s estimated long-term completion is 2040 with near-term improvements planned for the next few years.

Why SPACP? San Pablo Ave is one of the streets with the most vehicle collisions and injuries in Alameda County. It has some of the highest bus ridership in the county, but traffic leads to slow and unreliable transit service. Although it is a frequently-used bicycle route, it is dangerous for bike riders. SPACP intends to improve San Pablo Ave as both a bus and a bicycle route, in order to improve service for current riders and to sustain expected growth along the corridor.

Project Phase 1: ACTC conducted community outreach from 2017-2019, presenting four design options to residents and businesses along the corridor (this included meeting with Golden Gate residents). See 2.2 Summary of Concepts on the Phase 1 Summary Report. Phase 1 research found that most surveyed residents in Oakland and Emeryville preferred Concept A, which included dedicated bus and bicycle lanes (ACTC is recommending Concept B for Berkeley and Albany).

Project Phase 2: This November and December (2021), project staff are gathering feedback on the proposed design directly from storefront businesses on San Pablo Avenue, to understand how project changes might impact their business, and to make adjustments if necessary.

Golden Gate Community Association (GGCA) has been contracted by ACTC to help perform local outreach, as a part of Phase 2, to ensure that as many residents as possible have access to project information, and to gather input via focus groups facilitated by project staff. If you are on the GGCA mailing list, expect to hear more from us about the outreach process in early 2022. If you’d like to get on the mailing list, please email Scott Owades a